CORDURA® TrueLock™ Fiber

CORDURA® TrueLock™ Fiber

The Path To Sustainability Begins With Products That Last™

A key component of the Cordura CaresSM initiative, the latest CORDURA® TrueLock™ fiber aligns with INVISTA’s efforts to communicate its commitment to conserve resources, reduce emissions, protect the environment and increase the utility and durability of its products, with the end-goal of providing long-term value to its customers and society.

CORDURA® TrueLock™ fiber blends color and fiber ingredients together before the fiber is created. This process doesn’t just produce dense, durable color that goes all the way through the fiber, it also uses less water, energy and chemistry and leaves a lighter footprint along our path to sustainability.*


How much lighter? We’re so glad you asked! Check out the potential water and energy savings, as well as reduced CO2 emissions when comparing fabric made with CORDURA® TrueLock™ fiber versus traditional piece dyed fiber**:

  • WATER: Every 250,000 linear meters of fabric made with CORDURA® TrueLock™ fiber can save over 467,000 liters of water. That’s enough water to quench the thirst of nearly 500 people for a whole year and fill two Olympic size swimming pools.
  • ENERGY: Every 250,000 linear meters of fabric made with CORDURA® TrueLock™ fiber can save over 408,000 mega joules of energy. That’s enough energy to power more than 10 households for an entire year and an old school 60-watt light bulb for 216 years.
  • CO2 EMISSIONS: Every 250,000 linear meters of fabric made with traditional piece dyed fiber emits about 26,845 kilograms of carbon dioxide. That’s the equivalent of driving a car non-stop for 4.9 years or driving around the world 2.3 times.


But CORDURA® TrueLock™ fiber isn’t just about a lighter footprint. It also delivers awesome benefits for mills, manufacturers and consumers including:

  • Abrasion resistant color
  • UV fade resistant color
  • Inherent stain resistance
  • Color that doesn’t bleed or crock
  • Lot-to-lot color consistency/color uniformity
  • Color consistency across different textile components (ex., fabric and webbing); and Option for fiber with inherent Near-Infrared (NIR) capability


The CORDURA® TrueLock™ fiber color palette includes six of our most popular colors, plus an all new Wolf Gray. Wolf Gray leads the pack as we develop the next generation of durable color designed to leave a lighter set of tracks on our path to sustainability. Other colors include Desert Sand, Tan, Coyote Ranger Green, Camo Green and Black.

*2013 LCA study based on the average comparison of conventional level acid Piece Dyeing to SDN at 3 independent/3rd party dyeing and finishing mills located in China, Taiwan and Korea.

**Data compares the potential savings in water, energy, and CO2 emissions of fabric made with 1000D solution dyed nylon fiber versus 1000D fabric made with conventional piece dyed fiber. The study was conducted in cooperation with three separate and independent dyeing and finishing mills all of which are authorized producers of CORDURA® fabric. The data was analyzed by a third party and is based on 2011/2012 production history with one linear meter of processed fabric being the functional unit of measure and is limited in scope to the process steps involved in dyeing and finishing.  No other process steps before or after dyeing and finishing are included. The claims made for savings in water, energy and CO2 emissions are based on potential fabric quantities between 1 and 1,000,000 meters and scaled up from a 1 linear meter basis of fabric processed and or converted to other deniers based on fabric weight. Typical comparisons to “real world” quantities are used in this analysis and are based on various public domain sources which can be supplied on demand.