Less Suck

Less Suck

Bringing #LessSuck to the Situation.

Let’s face it, sometimes the combat life can suck. But we’re here to make it suck a little less.

We know life in the military or with a tactical unit can be grueling. So we develop fabrics that help make the hard days a little easier. Fabrics that make you more comfortable. That are breathable and moisture-wicking. That are lightweight but durable to the core.  Fabrics made specifically for the physical and environmental demands of combat and tactical life.

Our new Less Suck campaign introduces you to these durable, lightweight, quick drying and built to last fabrics, so you can feel ready to take what comes with the territory. Check out the specs on our fact sheet, and click on the Less Suck ads on the right to view more.

To request a patch, poster, artwork, fabric samples, or more information, contact us.