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Ossoami - Tuck Jeans

Ossoami - Tuck Jeans

With Ossoami Tuck Jeans, kids can be kids and parents can be happy.

Jeans are supposed to be two things – durable and cool looking. Ossoami accomplished both with their Tuck Jeans. Made from 100% durable CORDURA® Denim, these jeans are designed for kids and for the way kids live. Tuck Jeans and their classic 5-pocket style are made even more awesome by gold embroidery on the back pockets. But your kids don’t have to baby these babies. They can run, jump, climb, skate and play all day and not only will their jeans keep up, they’ll stay looking good for their younger siblings to enjoy. One thing is for sure, your kids will wear out the babysitter long before they wear out their Ossoami Tuck Jeans.

Learn more or buy a pair today at http://www.ossoami.com/tuck-jeans-p-151-c-101.aspx