Dezhou Yuanji Textile Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:

As one of the largest producers of denim fabric in China, Dezhou Yuanji Textile Co., Ltd. aims for efficient management to help ensure sincere service and high quality products. Formerly established by Taiwan Taiyuen Textile Co. and Dezhou No. 3 Cotton Textile Factory in 1993, the company is now comprised solely of foreign investors and distributes products internationally in addition to meeting the domestic demand. Company operations range from raw cotton & chemical fiber spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, as well as the production and sales of ready-made clothing and related products. With a staff of more than 1200, Dezhou Yuanji Textile Co., Ltd. continues to grow in size and industry reputation through its many recognitions and awards including: Trustworthy Enterprise in settlement of Exchange by the Foreign Exchange Management Bureau and Class AA Enterprise by the Customs. In 2004, Dezhou Yuanji Textile Co., Ltd. was named one of the 10 Top Taiwan-invested Enterprises in the Shandong province.

Production Scale:

  • 21,384 cotton-spinning spindles
  • 220 open-end spinning rotors
  • 193 looms
  • 2 x 24-rope dyeing machines
  • 1 dyeing & sizing machine
  • 1 mercerizing & desizing machine


  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 14000
  • OHSMS 18000 Professional Health and Safety Management System

Current Products:

Dezhou Yuanji Textile Co., Ltd. yearly produces more than 21 million yards of high & middle-grade denim fabric in various specifications of slub, tretch, sulphur, overdyed, mercerized and coating treatments. The company has invested in the construction of a new garment workshop, that once in operation will produce an estimated 1.8 million pieces of clothing per year.


Dezhou Yuanji Textile Co., Ltd. 16# Shunhe West Road, Dezhou CityShandong

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