Dong Jin International Corporation


1362‐16, Seocho‐dong
Seoul, 121‐819


Young-Jo, Yoo 

Richard, Kim 

Company Profile

Dong Jin International Corporation is a specialized manufacturer with the vertical manufacturing capabilities of yarn spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and coating CORDURA® fabrics, plus nylon and polyester oxfords.  Since opening its first mill in 1979, Dong Jin International Corporation has established branch offices in Seoul, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.  The company’s broad geographic presence has helped to reinforce sales competitiveness within the global market and increase supply chain support for international brands such as INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand fabric.  Dong Jin has been an authorized CORDURA® fabric mill for over 5 years.


  • Weaving: 3,500,000 Ly per month
  • Dyeing & Coating: 3,300,000 Ly per month
  • Spinning: 300,000 Kg per month
  • Air Jet Texturing:  App. 350 tons per month

Current Innovations and Projects

  • CORDURA® brand fabrics with a 100 percent water-based coating called Zelon. Resulting products marketed under the Aqualon® fabric technology brand. 
  • Polyester recycled fabrics:  Dong Jin International recently developed fabrics from Taijin’s polyester yarns. 
  • CORDURA® NYCO brand fabric (nylon & cotton):  Dong Jin International produces CORDURA® NYCO fabrics utilized in Military uniforms and workwear pants.
  • CORDURA® brand camouflage fabrics and/or solution dyed nylon NIR compliant military fabrics
  • CORDURA® brand work wear and boot fabrics

Current Fabrics Being Sold

  • CORDURA® fabrics based on 1000d, 500d, 500/1000d blends
    • End Use:  Back Packs, Luggage, Military equipment, Workwear, Boots
  • CORDURA® fabrics based on 30d, 100d, 160d, 210d, 315d, 420d, 630d, 840d, 1260d, 1680d
    • End Uses:  Air bags, Backpacks

Community Outreach Initiatives

  • World Vision Activities
  • Supporting Christian groups
  • Supporting Non-governmental organization and citizen groups


Corporate Office and Spinning  Dyeing & Coating factory:

Dong Jin International Corporation 2006-45 Bisan-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea / Telephone: 82-53-358-7521 / Fax: 82-53-352-5750 / Email: / Web page:

 Weaving Factory:

Dong Jin International Corporation (Jinlyang) Factory 1185-4, Shinsang-ri, Jinlyang-up, Kyungsan city Kyungbuk province, Korea / Tel: 82-53-856-7776 / Fax: 82-53-856-7775

 Seoul Sales Office:

Dong Jin International Corporation Sales Office 1362-16, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea / Tel: 82-2-554-8284 / Fax:  82-2-554-2983

 Hong Kong Office:

Unit 03, 5th floor, Polly Commerical Building 21-23A Prat Avenue T,S,T, KLN, Hong Kong / Tel: 852-2-7397370 / Fax: 852-2-7397300

 Los Angeles Office: 

3200 Wilshire Boulevard, South Tower, Suite #1212 Los Angeles, CA 90010 USA / Tel:  1-213-480-7023 / Fax: 1-213-480-7026

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