CORDURA® EcoMade Fabric

CORDURA® EcoMade fabric… Turn Discarded into Durable.


CORDURA® EcoMade fabrics are made with recycled polyester yarns that are specifically engineered to meet the fabric performance and durability specifications of the CORDURA® brand.

Due to their exceptional quality, consistency, and performance characteristics, CORDURA® EcoMade fabrics can be used as a companion or substitute for CORDURA® HP fabrics in a variety of product end-uses including backpacks, day packs, bags, and luggage.

The process to make CORDURA® EcoMade fabric reduces energy consumption and extends the useful life of polyester.


  • Fabrics made with recycled polyester yarn
  • The process to make recycled polyester yarns helps reduce energy consumption and extend the useful life of polyester

Typical Fabric Constructions

Plain, dobby and rip-stop weaves based on 600 denier yarn count

INVISTA Qualifying Yarn Types

100% recycled yarn content or in blends with INVISTA Type 488HP polyester yarns (minimum 40% recycled yarn content to be qualified as CORDURA® EcoMade fabric). 

Market Segments and End Uses

  • Outdoor / Recreation / Footwear
    • Equipment
    • Equestrian / Pets
  • Travel / Accessories
    • Luggage
    • Daypacks / Accessories

Where to Buy Woven CORDURA® EcoMade Fabric

Asia Pacific


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North America

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South America

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