ITM - Indústrias Têxteis Milagre S.A.

Daniel Travi Pandolfo

+55 54 3261 0786

Rod. RST 453 km 117,2
Caixa Postal 191, Farroupilha, RS 95180‐000

Company Profile

With almost three decades of experience, Industrias Texteis Milagre, located in Brazil’s southern region of Farroupilha, started as a business project based on a quality ideal, a nature preservation approach and a commitment to building strong relationships with collaborators, customers, suppliers and the community.  Now, a consolidated brand that focuses primarily on the shoe-manufacturing sector, ITM makes use of its advanced technology to offer a diversified line of products for uppers, linings, insoles and tongues that can be used in men’s, women’s and children’s footwear.  The company also supplies products for sports, safety and military shoes as well as the backpack, luggage, motorcycle and outdoor apparel markets.  ITM is an important part of INVISTA’s global mill network and has been a qualified CORDURA® fabric mill since 2003.


ITM’s capabilities include plain weaving, circular knitting and warp knitting.  In addition to these fabric manufacturing capabilities, ITM also has an on-site dye house and lamination center. 

ITM works with yarns such as cotton, polyester, polyamide, aramid, spandex and linen. The lamination center uses clean, efficient lamination techniques that support their corporate responsibility and nature preservation ideals.

Textile Formation for Footwear Overview

  • Plain weaving - produces high resistance fabrics that are primarily used in military boots, casual and safety footwear, and performance shoes.
  • Circular knitting - produces a fabric with high elasticity and softness to the touch. Circular knitted fabrics are primarily used for the internal part of shoe, or lining, and are found most prevalently in women’s, children’s and casual footwear.
  • Warp knitting - produces fabrics that are used for liners and other materials.

Current Innovations and Projects:

3D-Pack  Combined outside shell fabric laminated directly onto a spacer lining. 3D-integration is a combination of shell CORDURA® fabric + CLP (Clean Lamination Process), a breathable PUR Adhesive + Smartec Air® foamless lining.  Actual 3D-integrated pack features CORDURA® fabric plus Smartec® foamless lining and is being used in tactical combat boots for military divisions in Brazil and Colombia.

Additional innovations and product offerings:

  • Fast moisture dispersion, wicking effect in the lining surface.
  • Tri-Dimensional (3D) lining which helps to provide constant air circulation inside a woven structure. 
  • Anti-microbial finishing
  • Optimized temperature and internal comfort-zone technologies
  • Functional comfort fabrics
  • CORDURA® fabrics treated with anti-UV FPS 40 and Durable Water Repellent (D.W.R.) finishes

Community Outreach Initiatives:

ITM is accredited by FEPAM/RS- Governmental Institution which controls environmental issues.  Since 2001 ITM has also been a member of Satra Technologies, based in England, and a member of IBTec Institution (biomechanical laboratory) in Latin America.  From a community outreach initiative, most of ITM’s nearly 150 associates can use company installations to enjoy free time and special occasions with family and friends.

CORDURA® Fabric Offerings:

ITM is a qualified CORDURA® fabric mill in Brazil. ITM specializes in the development of CORDURA® fabrics with functional finishes including UV protection, lamination, nano silver and sanitized antimicrobial protection. ITM’s broad portfolio of innovative CORDURA® fabrics are targeted at a variety of market segments, including: footwear, backpacks and luggage, motorcycle apparel, outdoor apparel and more.


ITM – Industrias Texteis H. Milagre S.A., RST 453 – KM 117,2 – Caixa Postal 191 – CEP 95180-000 / Fax: +555+3261.0700 – Farroupilha – RS – Brazil

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