LeeJo Textile Co Ltd.

Woo-Young Choi



185‐3, Bangyi‐Dong


Company Profile:

Since 1991, Lee Jo Textile Co., LTD has been manufacturing and exporting fabrics worldwide to meet needs within a number of industries.  Lee Jo Textile fabrics are currently utilized in a variety of light and heavy product applications, such as bags, tents, military, motorcycle jackets and outdoor apparel.  Lee Jo Textile Co., LTD. has been an authorized CORDURA® fabric mill since 2001.  Since then, the company has engaged in the vertical production of fabrics by offering weaving, coating, PVC and Non-PVC laminating services in factories throughout the Asia Pacific region. 


  • Nylon: 1,300,000 Ly per month
  • Polyester: 500,000 Ly per month
  • Cotton: 160,000 Ly per month
  • Others: 40,000 Ly per month

Current Innovations and Projects:

  • CORDURA® Colorlock fabrics which offer excellent design and performance benefits for packs, bags, luggage, upholstery, outdoor apparel, and workwear applications.  CORDURA® Colorlock fabrics are certified by INVISTA to provide excellent stain and soil resistance, colorfastness properties, and long-lasting durable wear performance compared to piece-dyed fabrics.
  • TPE coating (equals ESI coating) process 
  • Fabrics made with recycled yarns

Current Fabrics Being Sold:

  • Nylon Oxfords
  • Polyester Oxfords
  • Cotton fabrics
  • Prints
  • Knits


Head Office:

Lee Jo Textile Co., LTD 185-3, Bangyi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea / Tel: 82-2-3431-5255 / Fax: 82-2-3431-2234 / Web page:  www.leejotex.com


Jiaxing Lee Jo Textile Co., LTD. Hongyun Road, Xiuzhou Industrial Zone, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang, China / Tel: 86-573-2715391~7 / Fax: 86-573-2715398~9

Qingdao Lee Jo Textile Co., LTD. Qian Tian Cun, Chengyang Qu, Qingdao, China / Tel: 86-573-7969231~5 / Fax: 86-573-2222915~7

Branch Office: 

Shenzhen Branch No. 1 Hua Nan Main Road, Pinghu Town Schenzhen, China / Tel: 86-755-8963-2800~3 / Fax: 86-755-8963-2805


44/2 Cay Tram Street, 11 Ward. Go Vap Distribute HCMC, Vietnam / Tel: 84-(0)8-295-1857/8 / Fax: 84-(0)8-589-3682

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