#207, Sungnam Suntec City
Sangdaewon‐dong 513‐15, Joongwon‐gu
Sungnam‐si, 513‐15


Mill Contacts:

Kate Lee: kate@texland-nexko.com

James Chung: james@texland-nexko.com

Company Profile

Since 1998, Texland & Nexko Co., Ltd has become widely known for its development of high-technology fabrics in the textile industry, especially in garments for motorcycle, outdoor and sportswear apparel.  Texland & Nexko Co., Ltd also extended product lines to nonwoven (function insulation, multi-function lining and batting designed for extreme environment) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) apparel using aramid fibers.  With long-term vision and endless passion for developing new products, they keep improving their product lines again and again.


  • Fabrics sales: 7,200,000 yards/year
  • Employees: 75 people

Current Innovations and Projects

  • CORDURA® fabrics with LYCRA® for making stretched fabrics
  • CORDURA® Lite fabrics for motor cycle garments and workwear
  • Own brand of “HITENA” brand has improved controlling capacity of human body temperature with high tenacity trait
  • Many branded materials with various new traits

Current Fabrics Being Sold

  • CORDURA® Classic fabrics : 160d, 330d, 500d, 1000d, 500d x 1000d
  • CORDURA® + LYCRA® stretched fabrics
  • AIRGUARD, TERAMID, HITENA, LUMIDEX, HUMAX, REISSA, MIGHTY-7, CYNIX, etc. of many own and other branded materials

Existing Brand Relationships

  • Hein Gericke                                       
  • Louis                                          
  • Jack Wolfskin                                    
  • Trango                                                                 
  • LXS
  • Polo
  • Revi’t
  • Jofama


Head Office and FactoryAddress:  1-187 WOLAM-DONG,    DALSEO-KU DAEGU, KOREA Tel: 82-53-582-8810Fax: 82-53-582-0049Email: mulder@texland-nexko.comWebsite : http://www.texland-nexko.com

Sales Office:Address:  #207,208 SEONGNAM-SUNTECHCITY,                  513-15 SANGDAEWON-DONG, JUNGWON-GU,                 SEONGNAM GYEONGGI, KOREATel: 82-31-777-1736Fax: 82-31-777-1739Email: moon@texland-nexko.com