Wool Trends

Wool Trends

Reinventing Your Wool Favorites

Wool. It’s the all-season fabric you know and love, and now it’s making an evolutionary shift in combination with denims, flannels, knits, suiting materials and more. These new wool blends are fit for the versatile lifestyle, enabling a smooth transition from work to the street, adventure-travel, and beyond.

Key marketplace trends are driving the development of endurance-inspired wools in our latest CORDURA® COMBAT WOOL™ Collection:

  • Today’s Traditionalist: Reflecting an important shift in global dress codes, today's traditionalist is seeking a balanced luxury. Make an imaginative statement while remaining smartly sophisticated.
  • Adventure Foundation: Inspired by a renewed interest in advanced classics, consumers are shifting “back-to-better”. Here, trusted staples define a wardrobe, where heritage meets innovation and authenticity shines.
  • Urban Impact: Innovation must fit seamlessly into active lifestyles. Urban impact prioritizes design-driven function, integrating refined endurance with hyper-connected mobility.

Unique lifestyles demand unique fabrics to get them through each day.  CORDURA® COMBAT WOOL™ fabrics combine long-lasting durability and everyday wool comfort to seamlessly adapt. Whether you’re hopping on a bike headed to work, going out for a night on the town, or even setting out on your next global adventure… durable, versatile and reliable fabrics are at the core of life’s voyage and our latest generation CORDURA® COMBAT WOOL™ fabrics are the ideal companion.