CORDURA® + Struktur Studio + Artistic Milliners X.Venture Collexion

 CORDURA® + Struktur Studio + Artistic Milliners X.Venture Collexion

CORDURA® + Struktur Studio + Artistic Milliners Present the ‘X.Venture Collexion’

Designed by Struktur Studio in Oakland. Built by Clinton Park in San Francisco. Made with CORDURA® Denim engineered by Artistic Milliners. The carefully crafted ‘X.Venture Collexion’ brings a modern look to futuristic denim.

Inspired by icons of the 1960s – like pilots, astronauts, superheroes and more with a modern spin and space age flair - the new CORDURA® + Struktur Studio + Artistic Milliners  ‘X Venture Collexion’, features state- of- the art CORDURA® Denim technologies engineered by Artistic Milliners, Pakistan.  The future of innovation is collaboration in this exciting retro-futuristic range of garments made with CORDURA® Combat Wool™ Denim and CORDURA® Denim TENCEL® blends featuring specialist Schoeller® ‘c_change’ and ‘ceraspace’ coating technologies.

Over the past 20 years, Struktur’s co-founder and long-time collaborator Michelle Rose has envisioned clothing that can be tough yet beautiful. “By integrating CORDURA® fabric with Struktur’s design, we are able to combine science and art to create functional, chic clothing. First collaborating for the CORDURA® + Struktur Studio Collection at Summer OR Show 2015, we’re back at it again featuring state-of-the art Artistic Milliners CORDURA® Denim fabric, using inspiration of the future while integrating traditions from the past,” says Rose.

Inspired by the work Struktur Studio is undertaking, Artistic Milliners believes this concept toward space age innovation is a driver of future, fashion and direction. “This also reflects the origins of the CORDURA® brand which, 50 years ago, was defining durability and pursuing new frontiers in textile technology,” said Neil Bell, Artistic Milliner global innovation director. “The Struktur concept of travel, ultimate mobility and the legacy of durability that CORDURA® brand represents reflects the direction Artistic Milliners is working toward in terms of creating the denim mill of the future.”

The collection features a men’s and women’s suit that takes inspiration from action-packed astronaut gear. Here’s the scoop on the garments you don’t want to miss:

  • Men’s Neo Jean Jacket – Made with 20D CORDURA® UltraLite fabric and CORDURA® Denim combined with Schoeller® PCM™ technology , this jacket has temperature regulation at its core and built to last.
  • Men’s Neo Work Pant – Made with CORDURA® Denim with Schoeller® c_change technology, these pants are designed for life’s extremes.
  • Women’s Neo Jumpsuit –The Women’s Neo Jumpsuit is built with CORDURA® Denim with TENCEL®, CORDURA® Combat Wool™ Denim and CORDURA® Denim combined with Schoeller® ceraspace™ technology to fuse the best of fashion and function.

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