20th Century-Inspired Utility Clothing Reinvented with Modern-Day Denims

20th Century-Inspired Utility Clothing Reinvented with Modern-Day Denims

Arvind, Artistic Milliners, Cone Denim, and Kipas team up with CORDURA® brand to celebrate 50 Durable Years with Authentically Remastered Denims of the Future

CORDURA® brand and international design studio ‘Monsieur-T.’ collaborate for the first time to modernize 20th century iconic utilitarian silhouettes with specially crafted CORDURA® Denims. The Re/Mastered Collection is inspired by authentic and traditional clothing and curated for the 21st Century by a world class design team in combination with four leading-edge denim mills.

The pieces created for the collection borrow from the functional shapes and authentic details of iconic utility garments, taking inspiration from workwear, motorcycling, and even military applications. From ‘60s firefighter jackets to brewery aprons, to mechanic’s coveralls, this exciting new collection reimagines classics, “remastering” each garment using latest cutting-edge performance CORDURA® Denim, the enduring fabric of the future.

In tribute to our commitment to innovation through collaboration, the CORDURA® brand X ‘ Monsier-T.’ Re/Mastered Collection showcases specially crafted CORDURA® fabrics from Arvind, Artistic Milliners, Cone Denim, and Kipas – combined with distressed, heritage production and finishing by Denim Authority, Tunisia.

Collection Highlights: 

  • Arvind’s classic CORDURA® Denim is well washed and worn and has been hammered hard in the line of duty. It is highlighted in a 1940s-style Belgian coverall with authentic detailing borrowed from the versatile work uniform of the traditional army mechanic.
  • Artistic Milliners, heavy duty, indigo blue, specially engineered 15 osy CORDURA® Denim has been uniquely remastered for a heritage workwear outfit that mixes 1960s-style Swiss fireman’s jacket, with a classic pant and a traditional German work apron.  
  • Taking inspiration from across Europe and different decades of the 20th century, a classic 1960s-style Dutch utilitarian field jacket combined with retro French motorcycle pants has been reimagined through Cone Denim  vintage-inspired CORDURA® red-edge selvedge denim. 
  • Kipas CORDURA® Canvas fabric has been custom dyed in British Khaki to create a heritage work outfit featuring a 1920s-style classic French workwear pant, a reinvented Fireman’s jacket and a German brewery apron.

The Re/Mastered Collection debuted at Kingpins Show in Amsterdam April 19-20 and Denim PV in Paris April 26-27, 2017.

To catch a sneak-peek of The Re/Mastered Collection, click here.