CORDURA® Fabric Testimonials

CORDURA® Fabric Testimonials

Tough Enough for the World’s Toughest Critics

Durable people the world over have one thing in common. They all need tough gear and apparel to get the job done. And most will agree, products made with CORDURA® fabrics provide exceptional strength, longevity, and all-around toughness to meet the demands of their durable lifestyles. Read on to see what everyone from boot makers to bungee jumpers have to say about our fabrics.

Equinox LTD., has been using CORDURA® brand products for 21 years. In 1999 we began using Ultra Light CORDURA® fabric for its remarkable durability and its amazing lack of weight. Ultra Light CORDURA® fabric is the most resilient, weight-conscience fabric designed for the outdoors. 

- Andrew Wills, Senior Components Buyer, Equinox LTD.

CORDURA® fabric has been my obvious fabric choice for over 30 years. From my first pack built under the Kletterworks brand in the late 70s, CORDURA® fabric has always provided the best balance of toughness, weather protection, colorfastness, and good looks. CORDURA® fabric is simply the best all around fabric I have ever worked with. 

- Dana Gleason, Co-Founder of Dana Design, Co-Founder and Owner of Mystery Ranch

Though design is crucial, fabric is the most important ingredient in a pack. If you want to make the best pack, you need to use the best fabric. That's why we use CORDURA® brand fabric; it is the key ingredient in our packs that gives our customers the value, versatility and durability they expect from their outdoor gear.  

- Jeff Popp, President and Founder, Mile High Mountaineering

We’ve always sought CORDURA® brand fabric for its reliability and lightweight performance.

- Robert Frye, former Product Manager, The North Face

At Granite Gear, we strive to use materials that offer the highest strength-to-weight ratio. The first thing we do is test new material samples for tear strength and abrasion resistance.  CORDURA® fabric for maximum durability is woven with high tenacity yarns that always test out to be the best for both, often offering double the pounds to tear and twice the time to abrade through the fabric. Out on the trail, our packs and CORDURA® fabrics are put to the real test on hundreds of long distance backpackers every season. Last year, with the help of Justin “Trauma” Lichter and CORDURA® fabric, we proved we can build a light-weight pack that withstands over 10,000 miles and a full year of continuous use. Gear built with CORDURA® fabric may cost a bit more but on the long trail it’s a far better value! 

- Jeff Knight, former CEO and Designer, Granite Gear

Workwear is exposed to extreme abrasion every day, which poses high demands on the materials and fabrics. Our most important priority at MASCOT is to make high quality products that will withstand wear and tear and will satisfy the needs of our wearers. We use Cordura® fabric in many of our products because it has a proven effect on the life-time of the products. This fact rings true with our wearers as well, and they know that if they choose a MASCOT product with Cordura® fabric reinforcements, they are truly getting an exceptionally durable product! 

- Michael Grosbok, Managing Director, Mascot International A/S

With the expectations of professional golfers, we could not possibly consider cutting corners on our fabrics. CORDURA® fabric has been a rock solid performer for us for over ten years. 

- Jeffrey Herold, President, West Coast Trends, Inc. (Makers of Club Glove)

When you think about CORDURA® fabric you think about extreme durability and just having the best and Carhartt likes to be best in class too so that’s why we choose CORDURA®.

- Nicole Miller, Assistant Category Manager, Carhartt

The Crocodile Gaiter is one of our longest running products – for over 25 years. And for all 25 years we have used CORDURA® fabric for the lower section of the gaiter. It is consistently one of the top selling gaiters in the industry and one of our top selling products.

- Christian Folk, Public Relations Coordinator, Outdoor Research

I have complete confidence in CORDURA® fabrics. They take a beating during my hikes and have never failed me even after this past year with 10,000 miles of hiking in completely varying conditions, from negative 90 degree wind chills to snowstorms to driving rain storms to unbearably hot temperatures and UV. Through it all, I can attest that CORDURA® fabric stands for durability – its strength-to-weight ratio is unbelievable! Lightweight materials are of critical importance in my line of work, and that is why CORDURA® fabric is the best and the reason the company has my support! 

- Justin “Trauma” Lichter, 20,000 miler

For the past 30 years, I travel with CORDURA® fabric to the world’s most remote regions. In my quest to create educational programs for Adventure Classroom, CORDURA® fabric has never failed me in over 30,000 miles of trekking the Polar Regions at wind-chills of minus 100 degrees F, summertime Gobi Desert temperatures of 126 degrees F and the constantly wet and humid Amazon Rain Forest. Durability and dependability are vital to my success. I trek and kayak with no mechanization or outside support. Therefore my equipment cannot fail. My future plans involve many more thousands of miles to document vanishing cultures worldwide. CORDURA® fabric will go with me all the way. 

- Helen Thayer, Adventurer and Author

In a marketplace of daily use and abuse, our products must exceed the expectations of our customers.  Using CORDURA® fabric, with its excellent durability and abrasion resistance, helps us achieve that goal and makes CORDURA® fabric our first choice.

- John Carver, former President and CEO, Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc.

At Sea to Summit we manufacture hundreds of products, and dozens of our products are made with CORDURA Brand Fabric. We’ve chosen to use CORDURA Brand in large part because of the brand name recognition but also because it is a very reliable and durable product and its very very light weight for its strength.

- Shelly Dunbar, President, Sea to Summit

We needed a fabric that would withstand the challenges of the outdoor elements and the demands and rigors of extreme riders. Renowned for its durability and abrasion resistance, we knew CORDURA® fabric was the right choice because it provides durable protection and mobility allowing riders to perform at their best.

- Justin Summers, USA Director of Marketing, KLIM

What does CORDURA® mean to me? Well, to me it always means that there’s a great engineering resource behind the CORDURA® label. That when you’re using that fabric, there’s basically an established tradition and reputation with that label that comes with the years of experience that they’ve had developing textiles, especially in the outdoor marketplace for developing things that are going to last for a long time and be a great companion to end users and all of their pursuits no matter what they are.

- Chad Rabe, Product Design Manager, Eagle Creek