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JammockBlack and JammockTruck

JammockBlack and JammockTruck

Find your destination; take in the view with a Jammock

It’s time to get away from the day-to-day and slip into something more comfortable, with the Jammock. It’s a hammock for your Jeep or truck! Built with 1000D CORDURA® nylon fabric, this rugged beast is ready for adventure and can hold up to 350 lbs. Whether you wheel a Jeep or a truck, the Jammock is up for any journey you can throw at it.


People who drive Jeeps are explorers. Put your Jeep’s four-wheel drive to the test and choose excursions with a view, then park, set the brakes, and relax. Your JammockBlack is designed to remain in place even with other tops in use, so there’s no way you’re missing that sunset doing an installation. Going somewhere your jeep can’t? Grab your Jammock for off-Jeep adventures as well. Whilst in the Jammock, the 1000d CORDURA® fabric flexes down and webbings help provide an armrest and help keep you in the hammock. Not only does this accessory serve as a hammock, it can also be used as a windjammer on the “B” pillar, a tie-down cover, and even a lounge chair on the far back roll bars.

Shop online at: http://shop.jammock.com/products/jammock-black-2-0


Oh wait, you’ve got a truck? Don’t worry.  Jammock hasn’t forgotten you. The JammockTruck powered by durable 1000d CORDURA® fabric can be strapped into your rig’s bed, providing even more legroom when relaxing after a day of off-roading. Made with the same webbing features as the JammockBlack, with over three times more space. Installation takes only one minute and can be secured with D-Ring tie down anchors. Have precious cargo that needs to be covered? No problem, the JammockTruck also serves as a load-bearing truck cover. 

Shop Online at: http://shop.jammock.com/products/jammocktruck