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    Descente's Mizusawa Down Jacket "Vertical"

    Descente's Mizusawa Down Jacket "Vertical"

    Defeat the elements with Descente’s Mizusawa Down Jacket “Vertical”

    Descente’s Mizusawa Down Jacket “Vertical” works to keep you warm as you ascend up extremely bone-chilling mountains. The “Vertical” utilizes a two-layer design featuring durable CORDURA® fabric and Descente’s signature HEAT NAVI PT2 lining, designed to generate heat from light so you can navigate the summit in style and with comfort. This power packed combination helps make the jacket both waterproof and windproof, enabling you to propel up the mountain with confidence. Descente’s Parahood system is also designed to keep snow out of the hood when it’s not in use, making the “Vertical” even more impenetrable. Don’t just fight the cold—conquer it. Suit up with Desente’s Mizusawa Down Jacket “Vertical.”

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