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    TUSX Schist Convert Pant

    TUSX Schist Convert Pant

    Reinforce the hunt; gear up with TUSX’s Schist Convert Pant.

    Hunters are faced with challenges of all sorts, from dealing with harsh weather conditions to sitting still for hours at a time. As a hunter, you need to have a pant that is as adaptable and rugged as you are. In short, you need the TUSX Schist Convert Pant engineered to operate in multiple climates and seasons. Designed with a seamless back seat reinforced section made with durable CORDURA® Naturalle™ fabric bonded to a breathable, waterproof membrane, this is a pant that gives exceptional field performance while keeping your seat dry. The center back seat is a high-wear area and the Schist Convert Pant’s reinforced design helps eliminate the likelihood of pant failure. No matter the season, no matter the conditions, the TUSX Schist Convert Pant will be there to offer the comfort and durability you need for a successful hunt.

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