North Carolina State College of Textiles

North Carolina State College of Textiles

Innovative fabrics meet the designers of tomorrow. CORDURA® brand and NC State join for the next generation of menswear.

CORDURA® brand has teamed up with students from North Carolina State University College of Textiles in Raleigh to help imagine innovative, tech-focused professional apparel for the modern male.

Using a variety of CORDURA® fabrics, students will create their interpretation of the modern business suit designed to adapt to environmental changes – such as adjusting from cool to warm temperatures.

The collaboration encourages students to think creatively, showcasing their own ideas while working with technical fabrics they may not have previously encountered. CORDURA® fabrics, including CORDURA® Denim and CORDURA® AFT fabrics, were matched to each student based on their design inspiration. Students’ final designs were graded on thoroughness, originality and the ability to sell the final product.

“The NC State College of Textiles’ desire to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation aligns seamlessly with our brand’s ethos, making it a great fit for a collaboration,” said Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA® brand and marketing director. “When the students are exposed to these technical fabrics, they are not only learning, but give us a fresh perspective on how to break paradigms with fabric end-uses. In that sense, it’s mutually beneficial – educating and inspiring the next generation of designers while they simultaneously educate and inspire us.

Final designs were revealed on December 12, 2016 in the NC State iLab. Select designs will be on display at international trade exhibitions including Outdoor Retailer booth #39213 in January 2017.