Struktur Event

Struktur Event

Active, Outdoor & Urban Design Collide at Struktur Event.

Join us for Struktur May 4 – 6, 2016 in Portland, Oregon – a creative design conference exploring the intersection of user experience, trend research, materials science and how it impacts product design. All told by key industry influencers (and our awesome brand customers) like REI, MHM and Western Rise.

We’re excited to collaborate with Struktur to share knowledge and insights of the fabric technology advancements designed for outdoor, active and lifestyle products. And, we’re working behind the scenes with Struktur and Swift Industries to bring conference attendees a limited-edition bag so they can leave the event living the CORDURA® brand lifestyle. Check out our collaboration story below. 

To learn more about the inspiration behind Struktur Event and to register, visit Believe us, you don’t want to miss it!

It’s More than a Bag…

Swift Industries x CORDURA® brand for Struktur Event 2016

Seattle-based Swift Industries began in 2008 as a small homegrown pannier and bag company, and is now in its own studio space with a growing roster of talented designers who handcraft their products in-house. In just a short time, Martina Brimmer, the company’s co-founder and creative director, has created a vibrant, close-knit community around the company. It’s that inspiration and drive that has put Swift Industries on the map – and on the radar for a collaboration with Struktur Event and CORDURA® brand.

“As the event grows each year, we’re able to put more and more thought into opportunities for collaborations with the incredible talent that attends,” said Michelle Rose, co-founder of Struktur Event. “Last year, we started a custom bag collab with the CORDURA® brand. It was such a success because of its reusability of a cool design and amazing fabrics that last for a really long time. We knew we had to keep evolving this for our attendees. We’re extremely thrilled that the CORDURA® brand team came in again and said ‘of course we have fabrics we want to highlight, let’s do this’.”

So Struktur Event needed a new design partner. Inspired by Martina’s creative process, insight on the business and the industry and the value she puts behind the materials she sources, Michelle connected with Swift Industries to get her take on being involved. “We thought… here is someone who knows bags, knows design, knows how to hand-make them. Plus, is local Seattle-based. This is someone who is so positive and loves sharing/collaborating ideas in the industry: the fit couldn’t be more perfect.”

The Inspiration

Swift Industries accepted the challenge and immediately put pen to paper to start its design. “We see this project as a really amazing collaborative endeavor that should highlight three narratives that are incredibly cohesive. It should showcase what is up and coming with CORDURA® fabrics as much as it highlights the essence of Struktur Event and as much as it articulates who Swift Industries is.”

Martina sorted and sifted through CORDURA® fabrics and selected two textiles from Dong Jin mill that would help make her design come to life. The black is a CORDURA® Lite fabric mini-ripstop and the purple, a CORDURA® Ultralite dobby weave. “The musette-inspired pack we’ve designed for the conference embodies the spirit of Swift. It’s a very simple and practical cycling bag and it translated perfectly to the carry needs for those who are attending the event,” said Martina. 

The pack’s many nuances make it versatile and functional for more than just one type of carry and more than one use. It features a traditional adjustable shoulder strap, as well as two hand-carry handles on the inside of the bag that can tuck away. The multiple colorways – made of black and purple CORDURA® fabric – add a pop of color and diversity, and each bag will feature a custom label signed by its maker.

“Another design consideration was that we know that Struktur Event’s sponsors also offer materials to put in the bags. The dimensions of a traditional musette were just a little too small for that,” said Martina. “I was looking at the more traditional dimensions and thinking about all the material that I take away when I attend the event, so we made it a taller bag, but it still works for on-bike carry… I’ve tested it myself!”

To all the brands involved, the collaboration is a symbol of the bigger picture – the spirit of the outdoor industry as a whole.

“Working with Struktur Event and Swift Industries represents more than just a bag. It’s the ideas, inspiration and memories behind the conference and the advancements in our industry,” said Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA® brand and marketing director. “The collaboration helps demonstrate what we’re all about – driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.”  

If you’re interested in attending Struktur Event, registration is now open. We highly recommend it for the experience... and the bag’s nice, too!