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Blue Force Gear® Lightweight Modular Armor Carrier™

Blue Force Gear® Lightweight Modular Armor Carrier™

This Lightweight Modular Armor Carrier™ from Blue Force Gear® doesn’t just save weight. It helps save lives.

A combat zone is not a pretty place. It’s filled with things that can harm a soldier – IEDs, mortars, rocket launchers, ballistic threats and anything else the enemy can get his hands on. Blue Force Gear® designed its Lightweight Modular Armor Carrier™ (LMAC™) to reduce the threat and help protect the torso. Made primarily with 500d CORDURA® Classic fabric, the LMAC™ is a super light, full featured armor carrier. Made to fit SAPI and ESAPI plates combined with soft armor backers, it even has a Plate Pillow™ to prevent chin and neck injuries. Overall, the LMAC™ is power packed with features and battle-ready.

To learn more or to purchase the LMAC™ from Blue Force Gear, visit blueforcegear.com/lmac-armor-carrier/.