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Blåkläder X1500 Denim Workwear Collection

Blåkläder X1500 Denim Workwear Collection

Blåkläder teams up with CORDURA® fabric to make some seriously hardworking workwear with the Blåkläder X1500 Denim Workwear Collection.

Blåkläder only makes their workwear one way. Tough. With CORDURA®  Denim fabric for overall fabric construction and CORDURA® Classic fabric reinforcements in the knees, elbows and pockets, this hardwearing work attire will stand up to some seriously demanding work environments. So, if you’re looking for crazy durable workwear that gets the job done, look no further than Blåkläder.

Visit www.blaklader.com to learn more about the Blåkläder X1500 CORDURA® Denim Workwear Collection and see more workwear made with durable CORDURA® fabrics.