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    Scruffs 3D Trade Trouser

    Scruffs 3D Trade Trouser

    Get these work trousers and be tough enough to be #SCRUFFSENOUGH.

    The Scruffs 3D Trade Trouser is reinforced in high stress areas with tough, rugged CORDURA® Classic fabric. Designed with an ergonomic Scruffs 3D fit to help ensure ease of movement and plenty of support, these hard wearing, stylish work trousers also feature tuck-away holster pockets, extra reinforcement at the ankle and sturdy triple stitched seams to help you make it through rigors of the working day.  Whether you are lifting, digging, hauling, or climbing, with these durable trousers there is no doubt you’ll be #SCRUFFSENOUGH to thrive in any work environment.

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