CORDURA® 4Ever™ fabrics are a range of power knits, fleeces and flannels designed to last wherever life takes you. With a variety of cotton, nylon and polyester blends to choose from, this collection mixes power, comfort and durability.


Soft comfort knit fabrics with enduring performance. Designed to offer enhanced abrasion resistance on the face of the fabric and next of skin softer touch back. French terry, brushed fleece, jersey knit or interlock rib constructions.

According to cutting-edge designer and brand collaborator Michelle Rose of Struktur Studios, “At the intersection of design and style we meet durability, and you can’t have durability without CORDURA® fabric. The CORDURA® 4EVER Fleece™ Collection is all-encompassing, just like the modern, active consumer of today.”


CORDURA® 4EVER™ Flannel is designed with the multi-functional lifestyle in mind. Combining abrasion resistance, soft comfort and warmth, this yarn-dyed woven fabric is made to be both stylish and durable in cooler temperatures. A modern twist on a heritage fabric.  Featuring a variety of nylon 6,6 constructions such as fiber blends with Lenzing TENCEL®, merino wool and cotton.

“To meet the increasing demand for cross-functional products, CORDURA® 4EVER™ Flannel was designed to not only be comfortable, but versatile and reliable enough to wear on any adventure,” said Chase Wong from authorized mill Chia Her. “With its multiple weight and color options, this fabric combines fashion and function to create garments that are timeless, go-to pieces.”

시장 세분 및 완제품 용도

  • 활동복 / 기성복
    • 스포츠 / 아우터웨어
    • 기성복
    • 속옷 / 양말
    • 사냥용품 / 낚시
  • 작업복 / 보호복 / 작업용 부츠
    • 베이스

INVISTA Qualifying Staple Fibers

Dtex (Denier) Cut Length Product ID Polymer
1.9 (1.7) 38mm (1.5in) 420 Nylon 6.6
1.9 (1.7) 51mm (2.0in) 420 Nylon 6.6
1.9 (1.7) 88mm (3.5in) 420 Nylon 6.6
2.8 (2.5) 38mm (1.5in) 420 Nylon 6.6
2.8 (2.5) 38mm (1.5in) 420A* Nylon 6.6

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