Durable. Versatile. Reliable.


CORDURA® AFT (Air Flow Technology) fabric is a highly breathable collection of knit constructions with enhanced abrasion and tear strength. Targeted applications include: outdoor, athletic, and safety footwear, durable mesh applications often found in backpacks and luggage, as well as performance apparel such as motorcycle and outerwear garments. The CORDURA®AFT fabric collection has been expanded to include high tenacity polyester and nylon 6,6 fiber offerings in a wide array of knits and 3D/spacer fabrics.


  • High Breathability
  • Enhanced tear and abrasion resistance
  • Capable of foam, felt, or 3D mesh lamination
  • Suitable for soft inner lining applications as well as outer / shell fabrics
  • Stylish durability and excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Available with water repellent treatment and PU lamination technology

Typical Fabric Constructions

  • Knit: circular, flat, warp knits, 3D/Spacer

시장 세분 및 완제품 용도

  • 아웃도어 / 레저 / 신발
    • 신발
    • 장비
    • 구명 / 스쿠버 장비
  • 작업복 / 보호복 / 작업용 부츠
    • 안전 작업화
    • 모터사이클복
  • 군용 / 전술 / 경찰, 구조대원
    • 의류
    • 장비
    • 신발
  • 여행용품 / 액세서리
    • 여행용 가방
    • 데이팩 / 액세서리