INVISTA has pioneered a cutting-edge breakthrough – designing and commercializing the strongest nylon-6,6 staple fiber it has ever produced.

Two years of intensive research and design resulted in a state-of-the-art, patent-pending high tenacity fiber designed to enhance the core strength of CORDURA® fabric.

“At INVISTA, an on-going dedication to innovation is in our DNA,” said Anthony Green, global CORDURA® brand business director. “Our latest INVISTA T420HT technology launch is one in a series of new qualifying CORDURA® brand fiber breakthroughs to come as we continue to push the boundaries of durable possibilities.”

Already adopted by a major international military, CORDURA® NYCO (nylon/cotton) fabric blends based on new INVISTA T420HT high tenacity staple fiber are undergoing extensive wear trials for next generation combat uniforms. Watch the video below to see how INVISTA T420HT fiber has a mission to create a new generation of durable, yet lightweight fabrics – such as CORDURA® NYCO Extreme and CORDURA® NYCO Tactical fabrics – to be used in many applications like military uniforms, workwear, and outdoor / lifestyle apparel.

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